The Fixed Bugs of Everquest

Here lies the valiant bugs that have been slain.

Things are moved here from the Bug List, when they are fixed.

--The List--

HP items don't work for pet.
Date Added: 2005 September 20 (fixed in November 2005)
Type: Bug
Pet equipment that has hp is not adding to the hp of pets anymore.

Epic titles lost upon death.
Date Added: 2005 July 28 (Don't recall when it was moved to the fixed list)
Type: Bug
If someone dies and they have an epic title set, the title is lost and cannot be set again until looting the epic off their corpse. The title has to be manually set back after every death. While I can only confirm this is a problem with the beastlord epic 1.5 title, I imagine it affects all epics.

I have petitioned to confirm this is a problem with all epics. Below is the response:

CS Agent: Greetings Rarrum,
Thank you for contacting Sony Online Entertainment. This is GM Riwon. You need to reset your epic title everytime your character die. Actually, character cannot be flagged permanently for their epic as it check the epic item on character (i.e. equpped, in a bag or in your bank). I hope, it is clear to you now. Using the command Shift+T in game, you can select the title. You may delete this ticket at your earliest convienance. If you encounter any further in-game issues or questions, please feel free to submit a new ticket.
Good luck to you.
Game Master Riwon
Sony Online Entertainment -- Everquest

I have been informed that there is a workaround by speaking to an NPC somewhere, so I have moved this to the fixed list. However this fix seems to be very poorly documented, as neither the knowledge base or the GM were aware of it.